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We would like to thank the following people for their kindness and support. Without their generosity - either through donating to our crowdfunding campaign, giving up their time and expertise to the project, or simply supporting us on our way - the creation of Unsung would not have been possible:

Arts Council England

Slung Low Theatre Company

Square Chapel Arts Centre

Kirsty Pennycook

Kat Rose-Martin

Saroj Spickett

Anne-Louise Fortune

Olivia Race

Helen Griffiths

Porl Cooper

Alison Ford

Ant Robling

Antony Jones

Leeds City College

Sean Kelly

Alice Nutter

Kieran Cooper

Poppy Kelham

Paul Marsden

Francesca Sollohub

Beth Knight

Katrina Newby

Joanne Reavell

Rachel Ingle-Teare

Rosie Fox

Leanne Rowley

The Fenton Arts Trust

Bradford Playhouse

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